5 Reasons Why IOS Destroys Android (5 Reasons Why to Choose IOS Over Android)

 Hello, this is Maestro MO Tech and these are five reasons why IOS ultimately destroys Android.

Reason 1 Camera Quality

On select iPhone models, you can get telephoto zoom, wide-angle, and extra-wide camera features. 
On the iPhone 11 PRO, 12 PRO, and the 13 PRO all have telephoto zoom. But the iPhone, 12, and 13  have wide and ultra-wide cameras.

Black iPhone 11 with dual vertical camera aray

Reason 2 Size

On the iPhone 13, it has a nice thickness and a nice 6.1" screen. Compared to the Samsung S21 it is the same size. My favorite phone ( which is the iPhone 13 Pro) is a nice 6.7" screen size. 

Reason 3 Software Updates

The Latest IOS update is IOS 15 .1 which is on the 7, and up. With IOS 15.1 you can remotely unlock and lock cars with a smart key. All iPhone 13 models should get at least 6 more years of updates.

This 2016 flagship still gets updates. 
Black iPhone 7 showing the back camera

Reason 4 Siri

With  Siri, you can say, "Hey Siri, call Jimmy Johnson" or "Hey Siri Text Susie and say" "I'll be there in 10."  You can ask her to do most things on your phone.

Reason 5 (conclusion and summary)

IOS destroys Android because it is easier to use, the specs are great, camera quality is good and Apple has some good cheap phones.

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