5 reasons Android destroys IOS

5 reasons Android destroys IOS


Hello, this is TheTechBoy, and this is the Android vs IOS debate series. In part two MaestroMO will do an article called 5 reasons why to choose IOS over Android. 

Reason 1. Variety 

Do you want a phone with a stylus? Get a Samsung Note, LG Stylo, or a Motorola G Stylus.
Do you want an iPhone with native stylus support? Too Bad!

                                                                A phone displaying UFC

Reason 2 Emerging Technology

Do you want a USB-C folding, flipping 5G phone? Get a Samsung Galaxy Z Flip or Fold 5G or any 5G LG phone with a Dual Screen case.
Do you want an iPhone with 5G (before iPhone 12) or a foldable or even USB-C? Too Bad!

A person holding white android smartphone.

Reason 3 Modding

Although iPhones get more official software updates, you can flash a custom ROM on an Android phone to get a newer Android software version. 
Do you want an iPhone with more software updates after the last guaranteed update? Too Bad!

A space gray iPhone X with box.

Reason 4 Alternative ways to download apps

On a non-jailbroken iPhone, the only way to install apps on an iPhone is through the App Store. If an app is too new or not optimized for your iPhone. Too Bad! On a non-rooted Android, to use an alternative app store, or download an APK all you have to do is enable, "install from unknown sources." Do you want to install from unknown sources on a non-jailbroken iPhone? Too Bad!

A white Samsung S10e galaxy smartphone showing icons One UI thetechboy

Reason 5  Software Skins

A software skin is what separates Android manufacturers from each other, and IOS. Samsung's One UI and OnePlus's Oxygen OS separate their phones from each other and other manufacturers. Manufacturers can add features to a software skin before the feature is released in Android. Do you want a particular feature with no software skin for that feature and it is not in IOS? Too Bad!

person using silver Android smartphone thetechboy

Thank You for reading. https://www.thetechboy.org/2020/11/5-reasons-why-ios-destroys-android.html

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