BlackBerry end of life.

BlackBerry end of life.

Hello, this is TheTechBoy with an important report. 

According to Blackberry, "the legacy services for BlackBerry 7.1 OS and earlier, BlackBerry 10 software, BlackBerry PlayBook OS 2.1 and earlier versions, will no longer be available after January 4, 2022. As of this date, devices running these legacy services and software through either carrier or Wi-Fi connections will no longer [reliably function] , including for data, phone calls, SMS and 9-1-1 functionality." Emphasis added. According to BlackBerry, has also reached end of life. Find out more here.

It does not seem like BBOS devices will cease to function, but the devices SHOULD NOT BE USED FOR DAILY USE because the devices may be unreliable to perform even basic functions. Also, 911 calling may not work and it would not be a reliable backup phone. Some BBOS devices may also be affected by the 3G shutdown in the US and its mobile data functions would not work at all.

A BlackBerry phone with the words BlackBerry classic showing on the screen. The bottom half of the curved rectangular shaped smartphone has a physical keyboard
BlackBerry phones are at End of Life get rid of them here

    However there is hope, Android Blackberries are not affected and users of devices such as the Priv and the Key One and Key 2s devices should still reliably function. Also, a BlackBerry-branded device should come out in 2022 sporting a physical keyboard and 5G connectivity. If you want a phone/PDA with a physical keyboard check out the devices from Planet Computers. Tech talk to you later!!

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