How Much is a Smartphone Worth Pt. 4

How Much is a Smartphone Worth Pt. 4

Hello, this is TheTechBoy with a special report on the price of Smartphones. 

Quality smartphones, excluding foldable phones, are around 500-1000 dollars. Some people complain that smartphones are too expensive, and want cheaper cellphones. For context, I did a simple experiment finding things your phone replaces and adding them to a cart on Amazon. 

16. Portable Games
        I found an old Nintendo DS retailing for about 195 dollars that a smartphone can replace. With the advent of game streaming services and mobile games, a handheld console may not be needed anymore. Yet, certain games cannot be found on mobile, and have to be played on a console. This makes handhelds like a Nintendo Switch a good buying idea.

Someone wearing blue jeans playing using the tablet-like Nintendo Switch. The switch has detachable controls and the left controller is blue and the right one is red.

17. Address Book
        Your phone's contact manager can store the names, addresses, and contact information of a person. It can even sync to the cloud. The one advantage that an address book has, is that is impossible to hack. The address book in question is around 15 dollars. 

A open notebook with a pencil on top of it.

18. Instrument Tuner
        A variety of applications can replace an instrument tuner. Some of them are free. Yet, an instrument tuner may be faster and will not display advertisements while it is tuning your guitar. The tuner in question is 25 dollars.
An electric guitar with a pedal next to it lying in the grass.

19.  Scanner a.
        Your phone's camera can replace your scanner. It is easy to use and can instantly upload scanned files to a web application or the cloud. However, scanners may be faster, and will not take up space on your phone's internal drive. The Epson Workforce in question is around 100 dollars. 

A Cannon Photo printer printing out a picture of a dark green leaf.

20. A Scanner b.
       Your phone's camera and an external application can replace a barcode/QR code scanner. Be careful downloading a barcode scanner application as some of them can be malicious. A dedicated scanner may be more efficient than your cellphone though. 

A doctor using an iPad in a case as a scanner.

All these things add up to a whopping 1,056 dollars and seven cents. Your smartphone offers more than these things, such as video editing, web browsing, and photo editing. Your smartphone also prevents you from having to carry around all these devices, chargers, and extra batteries for those items. A 600 dollar smartphone can basically do all these things that this long and expensive list of items can do. A 1000 dollar handset should do them even better.

Here is the link to my Amazon Cart.

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