How Much is a Smartphone Worth Pt. 3

How Much is a Smartphone Worth Pt. 3

Hello, this is TheTechBoy with a special report on the price of Smartphones. 

Quality smartphones, excluding foldable phones, are around 500-1000 dollars. Some people complain that smartphones are too expensive, and want cheaper cellphones. For context, I did a simple experiment finding things your phone replaces and adding them to a cart on Amazon. 

11. Alarm Clock
        Your cellphone can function as an alarm clock using your default clock application, or a 3rd party application. You may want to buy a real alarm clock to decrease the blue light in your room. The alarm clock in question is around 14 dollars.

An anolouge alarm clock facing left on a wooden desk. The clock faintly shows 11:10

12. Decibel Meter
    A decibel meter measures the sound levels of a noise; your cellphone can replace a decibel meter, but the meter may be more accurate.  The meter in question is around 18 dollars. 

An anolouge meter on a book.

13. Hotspot
    Your cellphone can replace a wireless hotspot. A hotspot allows you to connect WiFi only devices, such as tablets and laptops to the internet without WiFi. It does this by using your mobile data and allowing other devices to connect to your phone like it is a router. The hotspot in question is around 3 dollars. (You have to pay a plan just like a cellphone.)
A green WiFi button on a white router. There are green buttons going down the router.

14. Hand-Held Mirror
     Your phone's front-facing camera can function as a hand-held mirror. The mirror I found was not exactly a pocket mirror but it basically offers the same functions. Some mirrors offer zoom and do not require to be charged. The mirror in question is about 14 dollars.
A gold mirror that is partially reflecting a ladies face showing her eye.

15. Video Camera
        Your phone's camera can record video and has mostly replaced the need for a video camera. A quality video camera will have better quality than a standard smartphone though. The camera in question is around 51 dollars. 

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