How Much is a Smartphone Worth Pt. 1

How Much is a Smartphone Worth Pt. 1

Hello, this is TheTechBoy with a special report on the price of smartphones. 

Quality smartphones, excluding foldable phones, are around 500-1000 dollars. Some people complain that smartphones are too expensive, and want cheaper cellphones. For context, I did a simple experiment finding things your phone replaces and adding them to a cart on Amazon. 

1. Cellphone
        I found a basic cellphone on Amazon and it cost around 24 dollars. The cellphone in question is a BLU Z5. 

Black rotary dial phone on a white surface.

2. Camera
         I found a point-and-shoot camera that is around 130 dollars and comes with an SD Card. It is a 16 MP Kodak PIXPRO with optical zoom. 

A black film camera that has a neck strap dangling.

3. PDA's
        Before smartphones became popular, PDA's were used to keep track of your calendar, browse the web (on WiFi) and check email. PDA's stand for personal digital assistant. This PDA is a Dell Axim that features a 3.5-inch screen, Bluetooth, and Infrared. This device is around 187 dollars. I also could have gone with a tablet here, as they offer the same functions. 

A person holding a smartphone at an angle so we can oly see the top, thus making it look like a PDA.

4. Graphing Calculator
        For the Graphing Calculator, I picked the CATIGA CS-121 Scientific Calculator with Graphic Functions. The calculator is around 35 dollars and can be replaced by an application on your phone. Calculators still have their place in the education sector to prevent cheating. 

A black scientific calculator.

5. Notebook
        A simple notetaking application can replace a notebook. The notebook in question is about ten dollars and comes with a pen. However, a notebook will work without electricity and cannot be hacked. For a review of a smart notebook read this.  

An open notebook with a balck and silver pen lying on the pages.

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