How much is a Smartphone Worth Pt. 2

How much is a Smartphone Worth Pt. 2

Hello, this is TheTechBoy with a special report on the price of Smartphones. 

Quality smartphones, excluding foldable phones, are around 500-1000 dollars. Some people complain that smartphones are too expensive, and want cheaper cellphones. For context, I did a simple experiment finding things your phone replaces and adding them to a cart on Amazon. 

6. Watch
        A watch/timer is usually replaced by a cellphone, but I know some people that still use a watch to tell time. However, as I do not have a watch, I just use my cellphone to check the time of day. Also, a cellphone can check times in different locations. The watch in question was around 20 dollars. 

A black strapped Apple watch around ones wrist.

7. GPS 
        Car GPS's have largely been phased out by cellphones. However, dedicated GPS's may be more accurate, and as an added benefit, your phone battery may last longer. The GPS in question was around 66 dollars.

A large possible 17 inch GPS screen inside a car.

8. Voice Recorder
        A voice recorder can be replaced by a simple application. Yet, a quality voice recorder can outpace a cell phone and may add special features. The recorder in question is around 22 dollars.

A studio voice rocorder complete with a mivrophone with a brick wall backgroung behind it.

9. MP3 Player. 
        With the advent of storage capacities exceeding 64 GB even on budget phones, and the addition of streaming services the smartphone has beat the MP3 player. Yet, the MP3 player is great, as a cheap device for use when exercising, or for audiophiles who want to hear music exactly as the artist intended. The MP3 player in question is around 40 dollars. 

A MP3 player with headphones on it ontop of a record player.

10. Flashlight
        The flashlight on your phone can suffice for a real flashlight. A real flashlight can be useful in the event of an emergency when a cellphone battery might die. Also on a related note do not install flashlight applications, especially if they need your location and access to your call log. The flashlight in question is around 10 dollars including batteries. 

A black flashlight lying near a silver platter. Another one is in the background standing up on a sliver platter.

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