A Series Event Review

Hello, this is TheTechBoy with a special report. Samsung's A event has concluded and I have a few thoughts about the way, it was presented. 

Part 1: The Error 

    The amount of Gen Z teens in the live stream is insane. The teens were using Quick Share in the notification panel of Samsung devices. While this is not inherently wrong, I rarely see teenagers with Samsung devices sitting with each other. Per counterpoint research, almost 90 percent of teens want an iPhone. Most teenagers want iPhones just because of iMessage and the Apple logo. Now I appreciate the effort Samsung put into the marketing, but the truth is most teens (in the US) do not want Androids. Some teenagers do want Samsung or other brands, but not to the extent that was shown in the live stream. 


 Part 2: Fix

    The handsets should have been marketed to many different people, not just Gen-Z. It could be offered to the business corporation as a low-cost entry into fleet phones for the business. The 6.5-inch screen of the A53 5G, the 5G connectivity, and the ties to Microsoft are amazing. The cellphones then could be marketed to people who want a phone under 500 dollars that does the basics well or a smartphone that would work well with the Samsung ecosystem. The phone would also be marketed to parents and kids, as a decent midrange cellphone. Also, teenagers use their phones differently so showing something other than gaming and social media would be interesting. 

Tech Talk To You Later!!

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