Using Phone as a Laptop for a week. (2 day review) Pt 1

Using Phone as a Laptop for a week. (2 day review) Pt 1


     8 GB of RAM and the fastest processor. We hear this year after year, but with all this power why have we not used phones as computers? 

    Hello, this is TheTechBoy, and I am writing this article from my phone. My laptop broke, and the only laptop I will be using, will be for a project that I am only allowed to, mostly, use a laptop on. 

  Also, I have heard and read about people who try to use iPad as laptops. This week I am using an Android phone as my primary computer.

Apps installed

Hackers Keyboard

• Grammarly

• Our business email client

• Google Analytics

• Blogger (done previously)

Day 1 (Text Formatting)

I installed the beforementioned applications and got to work transferring a pre-written article to the blogger application. This was a simple task, however, for more advanced editing, such as HTML code I would have to use the web application. Fortunately, using the web application on mobile is easy.

Checking email in Gmail and Outlook is a simple task, but deleting 50 emails at once means you have to tap each one individually. Looking at our business mail was basically the same experience.

Here are a few spreadsheets that were made entirely on a phone.

Unfortunately, as you can see copying and pasting spreadsheets can be difficult. The first formatted spreadsheet copied correctly but the unformatted one looks kind of weird in Word. However, in Blogger it will not show up correctly at all. Also, in order to copy charts into Word, I have to put Excel into view mode.

Average calculating table made in excel.

Line graph displaying water rising over time.

Day 1 review.

 Typing is kind of inaccurate using “Hackers Keyboard” in 44% size in portrait mode and 35% size in landscape mode. Also, it tries to capitalize things a bit too much. However it makes it easier to do keyboard shortcuts such as Ctrl-B and Ctrl-Z. Unfortunately, this application will be deleted as some of the features can be done in Word.

     Some other challenges include the keyboard not coming up when I touch the document and navigating using the cursor is a challenge.

     Using Excel mobile is great and the Blogger web app is very useful. When importing the Word document into Blogger it looses formating. Also, the Blogger application was deleted. (Intentionally)

In all I give this day a 6/10 rating.

Day 2


   Yesterday, I found out that I could not edit two images at the same time. Today, I will be making a presentation, importing posts into Medium, and attempting to edit images. Making the presentation was fine and was quite simple in PowerPoint. It formatted well but the same issue of trying to move the cursor appeared. I may install a Touchpad app to fix this problem. 

Posting things on Medium was fairly easy, but getting the alt text from the source code was too hard so I had to rewrite it. Also, the formatting was hard to use on the Medium web client, so I may have to start using the application. I still want a way to use the same application side by side. 

Unfortunately, I did not get to edit images, but while trying to install GIMP on Termux, I found I could install Gentoo Linux and Windows XP. By modifying the commands, I may be able to install Windows 10. 

In all, using PowerPoint was easy, and importing posts into Medium was simple, however, getting the atl text was not. In all this day gets a 7/10 ranking. 

Days 3-8 were unfortunately deleted from my phone but in all, there were some good days. I made a decent PowerPoint! 

There were also some bad days. I spent all of one day trying to install a Linux program on the phone and failed. 

Other days were spent blogging and composing emails. In all smartphones are not PC replacements yet but they are pretty impressive. Tech Talk To You Later!!!

Part 2 


Disclaimer my editor reviewed this on a laptop, but I did all the edits. Some of the edits were done after the initial 7 days. I caught an error on this message on PC, but edited it on a phone. 

Update: Some edits were done on a PC for Quality control. 

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