Why App Lockers are Bad

Why App Lockers are Bad

    Hello, this is TheTechBoy, with a special review. To test the Cosmo Communicator, I decided to write an article using only the Cosmo.  

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     Application lockers are popular mobile programs in the Play Store that claim to hide sensitive files and applications. These applications claim to keep your data safe, but in reality, they can be circumvented easily. Safe mode on Android allows for all external (not pre-installed) applications to be turned off. This means that if someone got ahold of your Android device and booted it into safe mode they could circumvent all 3rd party applications. They could also bypass all 3rd party lock screens. 

A coded padlock on a white laptop keyboard near a gold credit card.

    The good news to this is your cellphone may have a built-in application locker and if you had a 3rd party banking application in your 'secure app-locker,' that banking application would be disabled in safe mode. Manufacturers such as, Samsung, have a first-party application locker called Secure Folder, and OnePlus also has an app-locker. (In Oxygen OS) Stay secure!!

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      Disclaimer my editor reviewed this on a laptop, but I did all the edits. Some of the edits were done after the Cosmo was sent back.                          

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