The iPhone 14 Pro USB-C Rumors (I think the iPhone will have Thunderbolt)

Hello, this is TheTechBoy with a special report. 

    As some of you may know, the iPhone 14 may have USB-C after years of having the Lightning port on the phone. Knowing Apple, they will probably present USB-C onto the iPhone as revolutionary, and has never been done before, and that they were not being pressured into using USB-C by their fans and regulatory bodies. The below article is about how I think Apple will market changing from Lightning to USB-C.

1. Connect with the Apple Ecosystem
     Apple will market USB-C as a way to charge and transfer data from your Mac and iPad to your iPhone with the same cable. This will be touted as a great reason to upgrade your iPhone and a major benefit to the Apple ecosystem. Accessory sales may also go up, as Apple can now make new dongles for those who use their 3.5mm dongles. 

 2. Interoperatibliity With "Other OS's" 

    Apple may show how its 'new' charger can connect with devices from other manufacturers, with the same bad-looking model of an Android that they used to demonstrate FaceTime on the web. This will show the regulatory bodies that Apple's 'walled garden' is opening up and that it is not completely closed as some application developers and regulatory bodies may think. 

  3. Environmentally Friendly 

    Apple will say that this new cable is more environmentally friendly, and helps reduce e-waste because you can use the same charger you use on your iPad on your iPhone. It will also help bolster Apple's accessories business, because a few years down the line, Apple will take the charging cable out of the box causing people to have to buy a charger, or use one they have at home. 

4. Accessories

    As I have hinted, Apple will have to revamp its accessories business. Because USB-C is an industry standard, Apple would probably have to stop its 'Certified by Apple' program, and make it so only Apple's USB-C cables can charge the device at maximum speed. Some Android manufacturers such as OnePlus already do this. This would allow Apple to sell new accessories such as charging cables. Users who use Earpods or a Lightning to 3.5mm jack would have to upgrade to the new dongles or switch to AirPods.    


        Apple is a unique company and would want to differentiate itself from the Android manufacturers. I believe that Apple will use a Thunderbolt port on its Pro and Pro Max iPhones. This will help bolster sales and further distinguish the Pro series from the regular iPhone series. The Thunderbolt port would increase file transfer speeds and would allow Pro filmmakers and photographers a faster way to transfer large files to their Mac or iPad for editing. This would also give the iPhone an advantage over the S22 Ultra, as the iPhone would boast faster transfer speeds. 

Tech Talk To You Later!! 


    Will Apple do Lightning on the 14 and USB-C on the Pro series?
Probably not, as it would fragment the ecosystem. 

   One Apple will not include Thunderbolt is, because it is untested and unproven. 

June 8th Update the EU marked standardized charging mandatory. 

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