What is Secure Folder: Why to buy Samsung over Apple (It has nothing to do with OS)

What is Secure Folder: Why to buy Samsung over Apple (It has nothing to do with OS)


 Hello, this is TheTechBoy with a special report. As the headline suggests, this is the definitive reason to buy a Samsung phone over any other OEM. This has nothing to do with software or design or even price. This feature is on every Samsung phone running Android from the A03 up to the S22 Ultra. This is a feature no company (except for One Plus) has. This is the ‘killer app’ for Samsung devices. This application is Secure Folder. 

Secure Folder is an amazing built-in application locker that surpasses all application lockers in the Galaxy Store and the Play Store. As loyal readers may know, third-party application lockers are not safe, as it is detailed in this post. Secure folder also does things a different way. Secure Folder puts a brand new OS on your phone … kind of. 

 Secure Folder is (downloaded) then built into the cellphone's software and thus cannot be bypassed by ordinary means. Secure Folder also is secured by Samsung Knox, Samsung's Business/Military grade approach to security. This is more security than most if not all third-party application lockers can offer. But, the features do not stop there, as I mentioned this puts another OS on your phone. 

Secure Folder allows you to have separate email accounts on your phone. You may have one on the main OS screen, and another email account in Secure Folder. Secure Folder can also import applications and files into Secure Folder. The way it moves files is pretty standard with the file being removed from the main storage and being placed into Secure Folder. The way applications are moved is different and is excellent. By importing an application, you may have two instances of the same application on your phone, but the imported application does not retain the same data as the main application meaning I can sign with a different account, access files only in the Secure Folder, and use it as if I were on a totally different handset. Secure Folder also has full access to the Galaxy and Play Store and can be secured with a PIN, password, and biometrics. This is one of the most useful applications on my device.

The add apps screen that shows applications that I may import such as, the YouVersion Bible application, Duolingo, Discord, Excel, Gmail and FullReader.

   Secure Folder is not without its shortcomings though. It cannot work with some applications that require enabling a function in settings to work, because it has no settings application (only Secure Folder Settings), and it cannot make phone calls in Secure Folder. (Google Voice and presumably other VOIP providers are fine.) In all, this application is not found anywhere in the IOS world, barely anywhere in the Android world, and has the last secret feature that makes it truly great, Software and Security updates. Samsung is the leader in updates and beats out its rival OnePlus on the update front (the only other company I know of with an application locker built-in.) Samsung is giving five years of security updates to its S, Z, and select A series phones. Five years!! This update promise beats out OnePlus and even Google, this combined with the excellent Secure Folder is the reason Samsung beats other OEM’S. Now if only we could get that Micro-Sd card slot.

Tech Talk To You Later!!

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