Breaking: Initial Reaction "Nothing Special" The Nothing Phone Launched. Buy a Pixel 5 or 6/6a instead.

Breaking: Initial Reaction "Nothing Special" The Nothing Phone Launched. Buy a Pixel 5 or 6/6a instead.

Hello, this is TheTechBoy with a special take on the Nothing event. 

If you want to see what happened in the about 30-minute event click here on the live blog

Update: Nothing phone is 399 euros, not dollars. 

    Nothing released the dual camera phone for a price of 399 euros. There was no word on software support and they did not say what the features you get with the phone. The phone was billed as a stable device that has no bloat and has the Nothing interface on it. The phone has a red recording light, some type of NFT display, and the Glyph interface of lights on it. 

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Nothing just settled for Nothing Special
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On the Other Hand:

On the other hand, you can get a Google Pixel 5 for 399 dollars or less,, a device that has great cameras and has at least 2 yrs of support left in it. It will be bloat-free, and if you want the Nothing interface just download the launcher from the app store. Also, the Tesla control can be done already.  Nothing's entire pitch is being done by Google Pixels. You may miss out on the lights, but you can use an Always-on Display or download other notification applications to simulate that experience. The Nothing phone may have a better chip, but don't forget about Google's AI and the fact the Pixel 5 has 5G. Also, you can get the Pixel in the US but you cannot get the Nothing Phone in North America. Yo may even want to get a Pixel 6 or 6a. There is a deal going on right now for the 6, and the 6a comes out in just a few days. 

    In conclusion, if you live in North America, or any other country where Pixels are sold, get that and not the Nothing Phone. Nothing says the smartphone revolution is not over. That may be true, but this is not revolutionary, this is not groundbreaking. What's groundbreaking is foldable phones. This is way way way too much hype over Nothing.   Am I the only one who feels like this? Tell me in the comments. 

                                        Tech Talk To You Later!!!

Source XDA Video

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