Nothing Event Live Blog

Nothing Event Live Blog

Hello, this is TheTechBoy with a Special live blog. 

7:35 CST Please engage with the community as we start. 

8:05 CST The Event is starting soon. 

8:17 CST Live Chatting is online now. 

9:59 CST One More Minute. 

10:00 Audio Issues

10:03 Nothing wants to use the Internet. 

10:04 They leaked their own phone, to prevent leaks.

10:05 The phone bid for 3,000 dollars Wow. 

10:06 Look at the parrots. 

The Phone 1 is supposed to be a "fresh" phone. 

Interesting they have a Morse code with the Glyph interface. In a way this is like the alert slider.

10:08 Glyph is kind of like a smart watch. Intresting.

10:09 He just went after Apple and Samsung.

10:10 He is pitching this a a stable and bloat free phone. 

10:11 This is a NFT phone and a Tesla phone. 

10:12 He just called out cheap phones with 3+ cameras. The phone has OIS and a Sony and Samsung cameras. 

10:14 He just pulled a Samsung and recorded a keynote with the phone. 

10:15 Symetrical bezels and a "flexible OLED"

Update make sure to reload to get new chats. 

This seems like a not as good processor. If they use AI like Google and have stability that seems good. 

10:17 399 for this phone may undercut the Pixel. Wow.

10:21 They worked with Qualcomm to add wireless charging to the chip. Tensor like anyone?

10:22 Nothing will bring Something. 

10:23: Nothing design head is wearing an Apple watch. 

10:27 Nothing: The smartphone revolution is not over. 

10:29 Why should I buy a Nothing phone instead of a Pixel 5 and put a Nothing launcher on it?

10:31 Ok they are talking to an investor who is "curious about Nothing."

10:32 The event is over buy a Pixel 5 instead. 

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