How the Samsung Xcover6 Pro Holds up a Mirror to Samsung (Samsung XCover6 Pro Announced)

How the Samsung Xcover6 Pro Holds up a Mirror to Samsung (Samsung XCover6 Pro Announced)

Hello, this is TheTechBoy with a News Release. 

    The Samsung Galaxy XCover6 Pro has launched with a litany of durability and business features that should make users happy. The XCover6 Pro features a dual-camera design, (50 MP main) 128 GB of storage with a Micro SD card slot, and a 4050 mAh removable battery.  The device also has a MIL-STD-810H durability rating and an IP68 rating. These specifications mean that it can survive "harsh weather and drops." The phone's screen can also work while the user wears gloves. 

A black XCover6 Pro with a screen with a blue purple and orange swatches on the screen. There is are two cameras in one housing surrounded by a red outline on the back and an LED flash. You can see the volume buttons on the side.

The device has a 6.6-inch TFT screen and is running Android 12 with One UI and Samsung DEX on the phone.  

What does this all mean?

    This is the Samsungs line of Rugged/Business phones. Samsung did well with the Business features by including DEX and Samsung Knox (Security) and programmable keys for PTT/Barcode reading. Samsung also includes POGO connectors that allow for charging and the ability to add accessories. The phone will be released in July 2022 in Europe, Asia, and the Middle East.

Samsung's Blunder

     However, Samsung made a blunder. This blunder has nothing to with the phone itself, as the phone's main detracters (not as good a screen, not flagship-level cameras) do not matter in this sector. Rather it is the contradictory statement Samsung has made. This device is a good device for enterprise users and front-line workers, but it is not the only device designed for enterprise users. Other devices that have this kind of security (Knox) and Dex built-in, include the S22 Ultra and the Z Fold 3 5G and these devices do not have Micro SD  card slots, even though Samsung's own literature says -- "with an optional microSD card, the XCover6 Pro offers expandable storage, which means – no compromises with the work you do." Emphasis mine.

Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra. The image is a bronze S22 Ultra with a S-pen and the 5 cameras showing.

    Samsung is basically admitting the lack of a Micro SD card slot is a compromise. The XCover also incorporates 5G meaning Samsung knows that cloud storage just does not make it for some users. The S22 Ultra has a faster processor, better cameras, a larger screen, and an integrated S-Pen. It is a productivity powerhouse and personally, I would rather have the S22 Ultra in a nice durable case than the XCover6 Pro. I realize that the XCover Pro is cheaper and targets slightly different markets, but the same core market is the same for the S22 Ultra and the XCover6 Pro. The market they both target is the business market. The handsets also target different sectors with the S22 Ultra targeting the creative/photography market and the XCover targeting the frontline market. However, they both converge on the business market; Samsung just admitted that the Micro SD is important for business devices and that not having one is a compromise. 


    In conclusion, the XCover6 Pro is a great phone for business users and frontline workers. I appreciate that it offers classic features such as a removable battery and a Micro SD card slot and the inclusion of modern features such as 5G and a near bezeless 6.6-inch screen. This phone also holds up a mirror to the other devices in Samsung's portfolio as its own statement shows the compromises the companies S and Z devices make. Thanks for reading, comment below, and do not forget about the Children's Blogging Contest!!

Tech Talk To You Later. 

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