This Week in TheTechBoy + Podcast

This Week in TheTechBoy + Podcast

Hello, this is TheTechBoy with a Special Post.

This is the First This Week In TheTechBoy post. Links and summaries/exerts of articles published this week will be published here. It is also the page of our first podcast that will go in detail about what is up with TheTechBoy.   

10 tips on how to become a product tester: An Interesting Spin on How to Become a Product Tester?


 In order to become a great product create you must continually create content,  monitor it, and work hard. Here is an excerpt from the article. 

    After producing content make sure you moderate and respond to your  comments if you have any. Growing a community you are active in is a great way to grow a fanbase. We like receiving comments and emails from viewers.  Make sure you are promoting your site on various databases. Do a search like "free business directories" "Free blogger directories" "Business" and "Blogger communities."  These searches help you find communities and directories and get your name out. If you want, create an (my link) page to get your name out on the internet. Here is a link to 50 directories you can submit to.

     Find a good analytics software, if you want to be GDPR and COPPA compliant find an analytics software that is cookieless. This software will allow you to tell companies how many people you have visiting your site, where they visited, and how long they stayed. Video hosting companies, such as YouTube have their own analytics software.  

    How to get a Magic Eraser-like feature on most phones. (Without any hacks)

    If you want to erase objects from images download Snapseed and use the tool mentioned in the article. 
The image that shows the Band-Aid logo of the healing tool. It also shows some other icons like HDR Scape, Glamor Glow, Tonal Contrast etc. The bottom also shows the Looks Tools and Export toolbar.


     Google bought an application that was created in 2011 called Snapseed. This is a free photo editing application that can be accessed on Android and IOS phones. It works offline and is pretty fast. You can download it from your respective application stores, or from an APK for a reputable store online like I did for this article. 

    After opening the application click the plus icon and import an image from your gallery. Click the Tools tab at the bottom of the app and click the healing icon.


Hello, all this is TheTechBoy from with our inaugural podcast!! Today we will Be discussing what happened in TheTechBoy this week, what is coming soon, and what we are doing to celebrate our two-year anniversary!!

What Happened in TheTechBoy:

Ok, TheTechBoy has been very busy this week. On Monday I spent plenty of time writing an interesting article just for fun. I will not tell you what it is about, but I can say that it was thoroughly researched, has an unlikely conclusion, and does an unlikely but obvious comparison. 

I also published some articles about getting Magic Eraser-like feature on any device, even iPhones, and an article about becoming a product tester. I hope you will enjoy them. I have some good news. I spent the week publishing and responding to comments, so your comment is probably live on the site. 

Also, we are excited to announce that we have a brand new Slack workspace that just launched last week, and we just added a new channel for tech content creators including Bloggers and YouTubers. Please check this out. 

TheTechBoy has some interesting things coming up. We have a review of some walkie-talkies coming out, a review of a Desktop as a service, and the ongoing Children's Blogging Contest where children 18 and under can get an article published in TheTechBoy. Also, we just received a bone-conducting Bluetooth speaker that we are in the process of testing.  Thanks to all who read our your support mean a lot to us and we would appreciate hearing from you.   

And now the part you have been waiting for the two-year anniversary celebration !! Yesterday, TheTechBoy celebrated its 2yr anniversary!! Well, today June 30th is the date that our first article was published. We are releasing our special 2-year anniversary emblem soon, and we are also having a Slack party in TheTechBoy Slack. Please join and let's see if we can get lots of comments on as well.

And now for our Tech Update: 

Remember the Motorola Launch Event on August 2. They will be releasing the new Razr and the first 200 MP phone.  Samsung Unpacked is also coming soon on August the 10th. As always TheTechBoy plans on covering and live blogging both events on 

Thanks for listening to This Week In TheTechBoy, I’m the TechBoy, and Tech Talk To You Later!!





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