MConverter Review: File Conversion Made Easy

MConverter Review: File Conversion Made Easy

Hello, this is TheTechBoy with a review of MConverter. is a web app and extension that converts files and can compress PDFs.  I use this tool to convert the graphics for my blog into webp format which also automatically compresses the image.  


    The tool is ad-supported. It can detect an adblocker on Samsung Internet but not on my laptop. The advertisements are on the borderline of being invasive, but at least it does not have pop-up adverts.  There is a way to pay a subscription for MConverter to bypass adverts and gain advanced features such as file history and file uploads of 1 GB. The free plan only allows 200 MB.  No account is needed for the free plan, but it is needed to access the advanced features.

Web App:

    The Web App is pretty easy to use. You can upload files to the server and the application will select the formats it can convert the file. It does this by highlighting the bubbles that you can click to convert the files. It can extract 7 zip, apk, and zip files. It can convert Minecraft, subtitles, images, ebooks, and document files. This software can convert almost anything that you give to it. The software is fairly quick at converting files and it allows you to download them from the server. Speaking of the server, your files are secure and are deleted after four hours. 

     Sometimes converting takes a bit of time but not too much. You can also leave the tab and do something else and the file will convert and automatically download. You can also copy files from the file explorer and paste them into the web app. The mobile application is about the same as the web application, but you can download it in the Galaxy/Play store. Also, the phone application will come up as a sharing option.

Arrow that says Drop files and folders here Or Browse.
This was actually converted in MConverter. 😉


    The Extention is really interesting. If I type the word convert into the search bar, it will automatically start searching the MConverter site.  If I type an acceptable file format i.e pdf and hit enter it will show me the upload button and all the options you can convert a pdf into. It is really neat and it allows you to stay away from the bad file converters on the internet. Also when you two-finger tap on an image on a website it will allow you to convert that image to another format. 

    In all this tool is terrific. Thanks to Android Intelligence for showing me this tool. I use this tool in my blog and it is a wonderful help. 

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