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TheTechBoy Recap + Podcast EP 3

Hello, this is TheTechBoy with a live video podcast and the recap of what happened on TheTechBoy this week. 


 This week, we celebrated our 101st post by unveiling our special 2-year anniversary image. The post we published was a review of Rojan desktop, a Desktop as a Service. This enterprise DAAS service allows anyone to access a Windows desktop.  

A black rectangle with an orange circle with a black outline that has a big blue digital 2  with the word years in red inside the hook of the two. Underneath the two THETECHBOY.ORG is written in red.

    This week we also covered the Samsung Galaxy even and recapped it. I gave the ZFold 4 an A grade while giving the Z flip a B grade upgraded from my initial grade of a C. Go find out why in the post. Of course, we live-streamed the Samsung event. Check it out by clicking this link

The next day, I recapped the Motorola Razr event. (It started very early so no live stream). I noted the improvements Motorola made to the Razr, and found the manufacturer behind the 200 MP camera on the Moto X30 Pro. I also noted that the launch was in China only.

    The final post (other than this one) was the review of iMobie Droid Kit. (Sorry for forgetting the title) I tested this FRP unlock tool on a Samsung A01. Find out if I succeeded by visiting the post. (The FRP section os Samsung only) Tech Talk To You Later!!!  

Podcast notes for summary of what was discussed.

Hi guys this is TheTechBoy with a live video podcast. Today I will be talking about the launches TheTechBoy covered this week and the reviews that are coming up in the future.   

TheTechBoy covered the Motorola Razr and X30 Pro and the Samsung Watch5 and Z series launches. The Watch 5 event really emphasized the battery improvements of the Watch 5Pro and the touch-sensitive bezel on that same model. None of the watches have the physical rotating bezel, but they do have a new temperature sensor and a larger surface area on the bottom of the watch that should improve the tracking metrics. 

The Z flip series did not really feature any new improvements other than some durability enhancements. According to tech youtuber TechOdyssey The Z flip does not have DEX at all., which I think is not a good thing. There is still no dust resistance, although a promotional video showed a band using the phone in the sand. On the Z fold series, it was emphasized that the phone was lighter and more durable than its predecessor. However, TechOdyssey noted that the weight improvements were within a few grams. The Z Fold4 also gains Android 12L and better taskbar enhancements. It also gets a massive camera spec bump exchanging a 12 MP main camera for a 50 MP camera and a 2x telephoto for a 3x telephoto.  The under-display camera also gets better masking but is the same 4 MP camera.

The Motorola Razr makes a giant spec leap exchanging the midrange chip with a flagship chip, and it loses the lip all (folding) Razrs had before it. Even the original V3 Razr. The X30 Pro uses a 200 MP Samsung sensor, becoming the first 200 MP cameraphone. The X30 Pro also has a 144 HZ refresh rate and a 6.7-inch screen. 

This week I received a kid's camera to test and here are the cases, I durability tested it, and it was pretty durable. The review for this camera should come out soon. Speaking of kid tech don't forget to check out the review of the Retevis RT34 Video walkie-talkies, and if you are under 18 please enter the Children's Blogging contest.  Also special announcement we broke visitor records on the site yesterday, and to the person in Mexico who had to wait a very long time to access our site, Thanks for visiting and we are sorry that the site took so long. Also Special announcement, I will be interviewing a famous tech YouTuber so stay tuned.  If you have watched this far please leave a comment that says Team Micro SD below. 

If you enjoyed the stream please comment on thetechboy.org. Thanks and Tech TalkTo You Layet!!


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