iMobie FRP Unlock Review

iMobie FRP Unlock Review

Hello, this is TheTechBoy with a review of iMobie Droid Kit FRP unlocker. 

    iMobie gave me this software for free to test out and I bought the FRP-locked Samsung A01 phone from eBay. 


It worked as advertised

Decent Price 


Bad Instructions 

Connection Problems

FRP Unlock is Samsung Only

    Downloading the software is easy; you just have to follow the prompts on the screen. Droid Kit will download a file and then tell the user to place the device into  Recovery mode. This is important as it helps you find out what version of software you have on the Samsung phone and allows you to factory data reset and reset cache.   

    Once you get through those steps, get to the input password/google account screen. Then press "Send Notification" on the Droid Kit screen.  Follow the onscreen prompts "click ok" and click allow/ok on the phone screen. This will take you to the Galaxy Store. Droid kit tells you to search and download an application called "Hidden Settings" and to search for the lock screen to set a pin. However, the application is riddled with adverts that stop the application from working. I recommend installing that application, and an application called APN settings. 

    Open APN settings, and click the setting icon. This will take you to the official Samsung Setting application. From here disable your WiFi connection and go back to the Galaxy Store. Launch "Hidden Settings" and type lock into the search box Click on the icon and change the password to a simple PIN. I used 3333.  Restart the phone, go back to the input password/google account, and put in your new PIN (3333). Then set up the device as normal. 

    In conclusion, the iMobie FRP unlocker works well, but it needs to update its instructions to be more user-friendly.  Also, the USB cable would not work after my computer was locked until I rebooted my laptop. Droid Kit will work with other Android devices, but the FRP unlock is Samsung only. 

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