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Hello, this is TheTechBoy with a review of the DEPSTECH DS350 Industrial Endoscope. DEPSTECH sent me this Endoscope to review. 

    This Endoscope retail for 70 dollars on the DEPSTECH website. It has 6 LED's around the 1080p camera and a 4.3-inch screen to see the image of the device. The device comes with a charger 32 GB micro SD and a Micro USB charger. It uses the same design as the S350L which causes some issues that I will detail later in this review. Update: It is not dual cmera 


    The Endoscope is pretty thick. The angled sides and plastic back kind of remind me of the Samsung S5. On the bottom, there is the Micro SD slot with the included Micro SD card preinstalled. The Micro USB port and reset button are also at the bottom of the phone. Underneath the screen, there are the buttons that control the screen. The screen is okay. It is no Samsung Amoled but it gets the job done.  The screen does not get scratched by my fingernails and only gets small almost invisible scratches from the metal end of charging cables. The power button is on the left side of the other, and the right has nothing on the side of the device. The 16 ft cable comes out of the top of the device. 


    The S350 is advertised as IP67 resistant. This means it can go into 1 Meter of water for 30 minutes. I tested this by putting it into a drain and running water over it. This revealed a problem with the device. The 5.5 mm design of the camera means that the camera can get into smaller spaces such as Air vents but it means that the 'gunk' from the drain can cover the sensor. This is not that big of an issue and I think I fixed it but the way the endoscope is designed means that attempting to move the camera into a drain it will stick to the side of the walls and you will not be able to see as much due to the reflection of the light on the pipe and gunk. This also shows up in situations when you are looking between something and a wall and there is not as much space. The camera is adequate for looking under desks on wooden floors in a decent albeit low resolution. The battery life seems good, it never died during my light testing, and other is an auto shutoff mode in the settings. (Untested) 


    The interface is pretty simple. There are buttons on the right side of the device. If you press the top one once, then it will make the flash brighter and if you do the same thing on the bottom button then it will dim the LED flash. Pressing and holding the bottom right button causes the video output to flip 180 degrees. This allows you to use the device in portrait and landscape mode.  Now according to the included card pressing and holding the top right button will switch camera views. This endoscope does not ha sie facing camera. Only the more expensive S350L has the camera feature.  The center button allows you to take photos/videos. Pressing the button allows you to take photos while pressing and holding allows you to take videos. After pressing for 2 seconds you can release the button and the video will continue recording. Pressing the button again stops the video. Pressing Menu takes you into the setting and you navigate the menu with the top and bottom right buttons. To go into a menu press OK and to exit the main camera screen hit Menu again. 

Best Sample Images (Compressed to WebP / video MebM)

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Drain pipe showing water
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Kirkland Tag
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Inside a vent.The walls aer silver or gray.


    This is an Endoscope from DEPSTECH. It is okay, but I would recommend keeping the velcro straps on it to keep the cord wrapped up. (This may not work as well but it is a tip) Per the usual, I would like to see USB-C on it, and some autofocus or a wider field of view -- something that could allow the camera to see more without weird reflections. I would also like to see a red dot on the top of the camera, so I know what is up and can adjust by sight. Also, I would stay away from the sub-brand Sansicso as it uses the same software, but the LED flash got stuck on level 5 after testing. (They accidentally sent me a Sansisco that I tested until it got smashed in a door and broke) The software ins don't polished and look like it is the same across all of DEPSTECH's brands and sub-brands so some buttons and features are redundant. Speaking of redundancy the attachments are pretty useless and unnecessary. In conclusion, this is a decent endoscope for home use, but professionals may want to look towards something with better software or larger sensor size.   

Tech Talk To You Later!!