This Week in TheTechBoy + Podcast Ep 5 & Update: Two Ways to support TheTechBoy

This Week in TheTechBoy + Podcast Ep 5 & Update: Two Ways to support TheTechBoy

Hello, this is TheTechBoy with This Week in TheTechBoy.

    TheTechBoy announces a new Indiegogo campaign dedicated to helping me get the devices that you want to be reviewed. This week we had a website redesign and received Vont Lights to Product Test. This is also our first time recording in a new studio setup and with a new camera with a better microphone.   

    TheTechBoy review Floom is an Android-only website that allows you to see the other side of the world with your phone. But who makes this website and what kind of images will you see? Find the exciting conclusion of the post by clicking the bright orange link, or by clicking this one.  

Ourlife Kids Camera Review:

    The long-awaited camera review is here. The Ourlife Camera for boys review is out. Is it an action camera, or should parents look elsewhere? One thing is for sure, and that is that the camera is the "Most Durable TheTechBoy has ever tested." Is that enough to justify the camera's pitfalls? 

Update:  Support TheTechBoy by buying the Retevis Video Walkie-Talkies here


Ai: TRinscript Slightly edited 

[00:00:01.930] - Speaker 1

We are going to be starting in three, two, one. Hello, and welcome to TheTechBoy. This week in Tech Podcast.


[00:00:33.310] - Speaker 1

Well, that's a nice intro. As you can see, the lights behind me are flashing because they are the new not new, but the Vont lights we just received and they're responding to the sound of my voice because they were on music mode. Right now. I'm about to change these Led lights to Blue. All right.


[00:00:53.060] - Speaker 1

And I hope you can see the LED lights in the background. They're the ones flashing right now. Thank you to VONT for sending me the devices, and full reviews should be coming out sorting.


[00:01:09.050] - Speaker 1

Okay, so this might be a short episode. Let's get right into the podcast. I'm going to change the color of the LED light to red and tell me if you can see it. Oh, I can see it right there in the background. Very nice.


[00:01:21.510] - Speaker 1

Back. All right, as you can see on our screen right now, we have done another [site] redesign that is, because of the layout, wouldn't allow us to customize the site the way that we want it to. So this layout is a default. Not default, but built in blogspot template. So this would allow us to do it.


[00:01:46.870] - Speaker 1

I hope you like the studio redesign with the new background and Eddie device. Okay, so getting into what happened TheTechBoy this week, let's get into the first post.


[00:02:04.890] - Speaker 1

Okay, so we have the how to open portals to other lands with just your phone post. Okay. So this post basically tells you how to use Google Floor to see what's underneath you. And it will do that in augmented reality, or AR for short. It's using your camera, your GPS sensors, and your camera to pull up the Google Earth image on the other side of the world underneath you.


[00:02:45.760] - Speaker 1

So in my backyard, I was underneath the Indian Ocean and was finding things like Australia, and I engineered Australia. That was really interesting. All right. And then regarding the Ourlife camera, that was a good view. I hope you enjoyed it.


[00:03:11.810] - Speaker 1

Okay, I can show you some Ourlife accessories right now. This is the Ourlife tripod. Okay. And for the people who are just listening on MP3, it's just three legs that kind of extend back and have a twisted top. And then there's the Our Life scooter holder I was talking about and the Ourlife USB flash drive.


[00:03:45.810] - Speaker 1

Tell me if you were to know more about this flash drive. It's not really a flash drive. It's just the SD card reader that functions as a flash drive. Okay. And what's coming up in the Tech Boy?


[00:03:59.570] - Speaker 1

We have Vont Light. I'm glad that we got them. And let's see yay. It's responding to the sound of my voice right now, and I'm using the control panel. I like these lights.


[00:04:17.550] - Speaker 1

The review is almost winning. It's very good. They are very good lights. So let me turn this back onto normal, back to the blue here. And if you like this new camera quality, that is thanks to the new Led light bulb, I moved from the top to the front.


[00:04:38.190] - Speaker 1

And the camera is a Logitech tech, which has the same quantity a little bit, but it has better audio quality. So I hope you're enjoying this. All right? And right now, live streaming isn't available, but that just means I can edit these better, but I probably won't. And our special guest couldn't come on today, but he might be able to come on next week.


[00:05:03.820] - Speaker 1

Okay, now on to a very special announcement. Indiegogo . All right, this is the Tech Boy, and we are starting an Indiegogo campaign to get devices. If you want to see a Zfold ZFlip nothing phone in any other devices, please contribute to this campaign. If you're able to get enough money, I will be able to test more devices, and this will allow me to humanize tech reviews.


[00:05:54.040] - Speaker 1

Anyone who contributes will basically become part of an exclusive community  will get access to the Tech Boy reviews a few days earlier or maybe a day earlier, and they can have their own input on the review. This means that they can let's say I'm reviewing the AW and I write the review, but I don't mention what bands of has, and someone who contributes gets access to the special community and they say, what 5G bands does this phone have? And I'll either send them a message or put it into the review. The best questions will get that personalized text. And if you contribute $12 or more, there will be exclusive giveaways from all the devices that are coming in, like Default and Z Flip Motor Vehicle 2022 if they release in the US.


[00:06:50.420] - Speaker 1

And if you have an interest in this device. So basically, if there's a device that you want to see on the Tech Boy contribute to this campaign, tell me. And if I can get the money and lots of people want that device, then I'll test it for you and you'll have your own personalized humanized tech review. That is very exciting, and I don't think it's ever been done in the history of tech reviews. So that is a very exciting development.


[00:07:22.930] - Speaker 1

Okay, lots of big things are coming up in the Tech Boy. We just need to finish range testing. The Bativas walkie talkies. Okay, these have been some interesting walkie-talkies. We need to finish range testing them.


[00:07:39.970] - Speaker 1

We got to .1 of miles, but the company wants us to re-range test it, so we'll do it. And please tell me if you want to see a test on this. I actually got this as a birthday present. It's the Tom Law 43 digital microscope. If you like to see a review on this, please let me know in the website comments.


[00:08:05.750] - Speaker 1

And please tell me how you like our new temporary redesigned site that cookies banner will probably replace with another cookies banner, so don't worry about that.


[00:08:20.250] - Speaker 1

So please tell your friend and anyone else you know about the Indiegogo campaign. And Accent, watch the tech boy ad for the video.


[00:08:31.890] - Speaker 1

Just the ad from last week.


[00:08:46.270] - Speaker 1

Nice theme music on the back right there. I actually really like that advertisement. Okay, and also, you tell me, which review would you like to see soon? Okay? Would you like to see the Led light review?


[00:09:01.570] - Speaker 1

Would you like to see the headphone review? The microscope review?


[00:09:08.770] - Speaker 1

And I will tell you right now what a special article is. This will come out next week. Our special article is comparing the Galaxy Notes, the Xiaomi Redmi Notes. Never been done before. I had this idea when I started the TheTechBoy, but it seemed pretty big but I decided to do it.

The ending basically shows the campaign again. TechTalk To You Later!! 


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