The Hidden Spy Trick in your Android Phone🕵️

The Hidden Spy Trick in your Android Phone🕵️

Hello, this is TheTechBoy with the hidden spy trick in your phone. 

    Have you ever seen old spy cartoons with someone looking through a newspaper when conducting surveillance on someone? This tutorial will show you the hi-tech way to do this with your Android phone. I have a Samsung A71 5G running One Ui 4 and Android 12, so this may not work on all Android phones. 

    Step 1: Unlock Phone

    First, unlock your phone, then open the camera application. Navigate to the application switcher either by gestures or by clicking the three-lined buttons. Hold the icon and click open in the pop-up view. A faster way to do this would be to open the Apps edge, then click and drag the camera icon into the middle of the screen. Make sure to add the camera to the edge screen before you do this. This will open the application in pop-up view. Thanks to Techisode Tv for showing this trick. 

A black phone with a purple screen showing a lock icon. There is a yellow background.

    Step 2: Adjust the Camera

    You can drag the camera box around from the top of the icon. You can resize the icon by dragging the bottom of the display. If you press the home button the camera will close and you will have a launchable quick icon.  Click the square icon with the dotted line to reduce the opacity of the camera. This will allow you to secretly observe your surroundings while reading a web article, electronic book, video, or anything else you may want to read on your phone. You can take pictures and video, and both the front and back cameras work in this mode.  

    Step 3: Quick Exit

    If enemy teams catch you just click the X button. This will close the camera and will save the video you recorded. Then you can continue scrolling through your phone. If you need to save your files in a secure place then hit the three dots icon, and click move to Secure Folder.   

Use this tool responsibly!! Tech Talk To You Later!! 

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