This Week in TheTechBoy + Podcast EP 7

This Week in TheTechBoy + Podcast EP 7

Hello, this is TheTechBoy with This Week in TheTechBoy. Support TheTechBoy!!

    Did you know Chrome has an ad-blocker? In this post, TheTechBoy tells you how to access it, and why Google added it to Chrome. (TheTechBoy is Ad-Free!!) 

The settings icon in the top right corner of Chrome's Inspect. The background is gray. some text is visible such as Layout and Event Listener. There is other text on the page.

    The battle between Xiaomi and Samsung continues. Will Samsung productivity-focused devices beat the budget devices from Xiaomi? Only time and this post will tell.  

On this episode of the podcast, TheTechBoy discussed the Apple event, TheTechBoy Tech awards, Vont, Sony WI-C310 earbuds, TheTechBoy posts, and the Indiegogo campaign!!

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