This Week in TheTechBoy + Podcast Ep 7


Samsung A71 5G v.s S10+

    Can the A71 5G beat the S10+ on the virtue of having 5G? Or will the S10+ strike back with its superior featureset. Find out by clicking the link to go to this post. 

          The A71 5G is a midrange smartphone made by Samsung Electronics and released in 2019. The mobile features 128 GB of storage and a Micro-SD card slot, quadruple cameras, and an optical in-screen fingerprint scanner. The handset also has a large 6.7-inch display and a 'glasstic' back. This handset has been tested here at before and you can read the review here.

Screenshot that says Fake Reviews Scam in Big Blue Letters  Sponsored Content Likely Affiliate Fraud

The Largest Scam on the Internet:

    TheTechBoy found a large scam on the Internet. It involves drones and fake reviewers. Find out which websites to avoid and what websites to trust (like 

             Hello, this is TheTechBoy and today I will be exposing the major tech scam behind the Shadow X drone aka the SkyQuad, aka the MyQuadair, aka, aka the Air drone, aka the Taticaldrone aka the Nuvom Drone, etc.

Sorry for the bad audio quality. 

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