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Samsung A71 5G vs S10+

Hello, this is TheTechBoy with a special comparison. Today the A71 5G is being compared to the S10 +

    The A71 5G is a midrange smartphone made by Samsung Electronics and released in 2019. The mobile features 128 GB of storage and a Micro-SD card slot, quadruple cameras, and an optical in-screen fingerprint scanner. The handset also has a large 6.7-inch display and a 'glasstic' back. This handset has been tested here at thetechboy.org before and you can read the review here

Blue Samsung A71 5G showing black quadruple camera and the back is showing the phone screen with wallpaper and the back of the phone next to it.Black Samsung S10+ showing camera module and the word Samsung    V.S   

    The S10+ is a flagship smartphone manufactured by Samsung Electronics in 2019, the mobile features a 6.4-inch curved display and a triple camera array. The phone has a 1 TB storage option and can hold a Micro-SD card. The mobile also has a glass back with a ceramic back also being an option.  


    The S10+ is a flagship smartphone and has a more versatile camera system. It includes a telephoto and an ultra-wide-angle lens while the A71 5G does not have a telephoto lens. The A71 5G does feature a macro lens and can take 64 MP shots. In some situations, the A71 5G's camera system may be better, but overall I think the S10+ has the better system. 

Score: S10+ 1     A71 5G 0 


    The S10+ is eligible for Samsung three year upgrade policy but because it launched in 2019 it launched on Android 9 PIE. Because of this, the S10 software support should end in 2022 with its last major release being Android 12. This being said the S10+ should keep receiving security updates until 2023 making this mobile secure for at least another year. However, by virtue of the A71 5G being newer, the handset should receive Android 13 but gets security updates quarterly instead of monthly like the S10+. Because the A71 5G receives an extra update, the handset barely wins this round.   Do not fret though. Android 12 should support almost all Android applications and should be secure for a couple of years. 

Score: S10+ 1     A71 5G 1


    The S10+ has a smaller screen but a slightly higher screen-to-body ratio and it looks like it has a better pixel density than its midrange counterpart. (A71 5G1080x2400 pixels vs S10+ 1440x3040) The S10+ screen is curved which I personally appreciate but some people do not. I also like a larger screen, so this round is a tie. Although the A71 5G does not have a curved screen, the handset still has Samsung's (software) Edge panel.  

Score: S10+ 1 (Tie)     A71 5G 1 (Tie)

Special Features

    Both devices are Samsung devices and thus have One UI and special Samsung features. I personally like this version of Android because it includes features some devices do not have. The S10+ has a Bixby button that while confusing, it is great as you can use Bixby (Yay!!) or reprogram it to open a different application. The S10+ also has Samsung DEX. The A71 5G misses out on Samsung DEX, and for that reason, the S10 + wins the Special Features round.  

Score: S10+ 2 (Tie)     A71 5G 1 (Tie)


    The S10+ has a Qualcomm 855 or an Exynos 9820 depending on the region you are in. The A71 5g has an Exynos 980 chip in all regions. My A71 5G has lagged sometimes.  The S10+ also has 8/12 GB of Ram with the A71 5G capping out at 6/8 GB of RAM. The S10+ has a faster chip and more RAM so the S10+ wins this round. 

Score: S10+ 3 (Tie)     A71 5G 1 (Tie)

Battery Life 

    The A71 5G has a massive 4,500 mAh battery and the S10+ has a 4100 mAh battery. However, the A71 5G has a larger screen so this could affect battery life. The A71 5G  does support 25-watt fast charging compared to the S10+ 15-watt charging, but the S10+ lasts 2hrs longer than its mid-range counterpart, so we will give this round a tie. 

Score: S10+ 3 (Tie)     A71 5G 1 (Tie)

Call Quality/Audio

    The S10+ is the last flagship phone that Samsung released with a headphone jack, and the A71 5G is one of the last A7/5 series handsets to sport the legacy connector. Because we do not have an S10+ here in TheTechBoy Labs, we have to go off of PC Mag's tests, and it looks like the S10+ wins this round. The S10+ also is on WonderHow's best phones for call quality list.  

Score: S10+  4 (Tie)     A71 5G 1 (Tie)

    It appears the S10+ is far superior to the A71 5G, but the midrange actually outdoes the flagship in connectivity and (in my opinion) screen size. The A71 5G may have worse battery life but it charges faster, has 5G, and has an extra software update. 

Tech Talk To You Later!!