Pixel 7 Reaction: Google Remembers about Phones are Made for Calling

Pixel 7 Reaction: Google Remembers about Phones are Made for Calling

Hello, this is TheTechBoy with a recap of the Pixel 7 event. 

Google launched the Pixel Watch. The Pixel Watch is running Wear OS, and has a 4G LTE antenna in the phone. It also integrates with FitBit, and of course, integrates with Pixel devices. The bezeless look of the device may look interesting, but I have to wonder about the durability of the glass. UPDATE: After watching a MKBHD video the watch does have bezels. This watch will cost 349.99 dollars or 399.99 for the 4G version.

A black Pixel 7 Pro showing the triple camera system. There are also Pixel Buds, and the Pixel Watch showing the screen. The screen of one of the Pixels is showing the icons and the black wallpaper.
Source: Google Store FairUse


Pixel 7: The phones look interesting enough. Google Pixel phones have a unique design. The presentation actually placed an emphasis on call quality. Call. Quality. šŸ–It uses AI from the Tensor Chip to suppress background noise and isolate your UPDATE: the callers voice (TheVerge and Reddit). I liked the presentation. There were some sneaky Apple jokes, and an emphasis on privacy and security, and Google stressed the reason to get Pixels: feature drops and AI features. 

    There was an emphasis on things they did before Apple, such as car crash detection. The Transcription software also gets an update. Speaking of transcription, the Pixel 7 can transcribe voice memos sent. The price of the phone will be 599 dollars for the 7 and 899 for the 7 Pro. Oh, the Pixel 7 Series also gets Face Recognition!! 

I know this was a short recap, but I missed some of the event. Google also launched the tablet, but I hear it is not available for now. The Pixel 7 series look like interesting devices I hope II can test them. (Contribue to our IndieGoGo), but I wanted to see DEX-like feature on the 7 series.    

Tech Talk To You Later!!

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