This Week In TheTechBoy + Podcast Ep 10

This Week In TheTechBoy + Podcast Ep 10

    Hello, this is TheTechBoy with a recap of what happened in TheTechBoy this week and the podcast. Unfortunately, the podcast episode with my special guest audio did not record, so today's Podcast is only three minutes.

    TickTock is a social media application that I do not use. Will the report that teenagers are using it as a search engine sway my opinions? Or will I still use a search engine on mobile and desktop?


 Retevis RA19: Down the   Street,  Around the Corner

 The review you have all been waiting for.  The title for this article was written before we re-range tested it. The range is good, but can that justify the price?

A black Pixel 7 Pro showing the triple camera system. There are also Pixel Buds, and the Pixel Watch showing the screen. The screen of one of the Pixels is showing the icons and the black wallpaper.
    Google remembers that people make calls with their phones, with special AI features that enhance the call. Read about the AI features on the phone by clicking the title.

I also live-streamed the Xiaomi event. It is linked.  

Tech Talk To You Later. We hope to re-record soon!!


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