Vont Bluetooth Headset Review and Unboxing

Vont Bluetooth Headset Review and Unboxing

Hello, this is TheTechBoy with a review of the Vont Bluetooth headset.


    The Vont Bluetooth headset retails for 22.09 USD. It charges over a Micro USB cable that is included in the box. The is a QR code in the box that takes you to a user guide. The headset is not connected to the Internet, and cannot be connected to the Vont Smart Home application. The headset is not designed to listen to music but to give voice calls.  However, some people may listen to something while working which you can do on this. For audio samples please listen to TheTechBoy Podcast EP 9 which was recorded with the headset. 


The Black Vont Headset and microphone showing the control buttons
Source Vont.com Fair Use 

The first thing I said when I got the package was that it was very light. It is very light and it stays on my head way better than my Sony headphones. It is only 1.44 ounces.  It has some pressure on the ear, and can be uncomfortable to wear after long periods of time; fortunately, has an adjustable microphone and headband.
The headset had a microphone and one earpiece. On the other side of the device, there is a piece of rubber that grips the size of your head. The rubber grip is good and does not slip. There are only three buttons on the device, the paring button, and the two volume buttons. I wish the Volume up button was switched with the volume down button. Pressing and holding the Bluetooth button initiates the pairing process. Pressing it again turns it off. The headset has Bluetooth version 5.0.   


    As stated above, the range of the Bluetooth device is about thirty feet. The range is good, I have gotten up and walked around and the range only cuts out when I stray too far. Sometimes when I walk outside, if I stray too far from the line of sight the connection cuts out. This could be because I think the battery is higher than it actually is, which is a problem I will detail later. This is enough to move around and the range is great for my purposes. The headset can pair with two devices. 

Audio/Mic Quality:

    The audio of this headset is good. Listening to YouTube videos without too many sound effects is fine. I think the call quality of this device is pristine and clear. However, listening to any kind of music is better on five-dollar gas station headphones, because these were not designed to listen to music.
The microphone quality is good. I used it to record a recent podcast episode, and you can go hear it for yourself at the link. In the video, I noticed that the video picked up the test sound I made and it captured my voice well. The microphone does capture some background noise, but I could easily discern my voice from the background noise. In a recent Google Meet, the recipient said I "sounded like a fish" but in the Keys for Kids interview, (over Google Meet), Dylan said I was fine. Your results may vary.   Some loud noises or someone talking into the receiver of a phone too loud can be bothersome to the ear due to the sound reproduction of the device. 

A person wearing the headset and looking at a laptop. There are blue lines around it.
Source Vont.com Fair Use

Reliability/Battery Life

    The battery life on this device is insane. It lasts me days on standby and hours of listening to a YouTube video. I rarely have had problems pairing it to a laptop or phone, and only have had problems recently (probably because I never unpair it from a laptop or phone). The connection never cuts out when in range, and the microphone quality is great. It uses Micro USB, which I would prefer USB-C but I rarely charge it so, it is fine.  The headset works while charging, which is good. The headset shows its battery life to the Windows Operating System, but it has a huge gap. It will show 60% battery life until it is at 10% battery life. This is not good, because it makes me think the battery is higher than it actually is. The headset is made out of plastic and metal, but the metal headband bends a little bit. Nonetheless, the headset is durable and survived being stashed in a backpack and being dropped. One small problem I noticed with the device is a weird sound. The headset sometimes makes a beep beep beep beeeeep sound when not in use. This can be annoying, but not a deal breaker.    


    In conclusion, this is a great headset that I would recommend. We would prefer Usb-C charging and a better-tuned headset, but for twenty-two dollars, I would recommend this headset + mic for anyone who takes lots of phone calls or wants a cheap microphone for recording a podcast. More fringe users (me) could also take these on a run or exercise while listening to a podcast or YouTube video. 

Tech Talk To You Later!!

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