This Week in TheTechBoy + Podcast Ep 11

This Week in TheTechBoy + Podcast Ep 11

Hello, this is TheTechBoy with This Week In TheTechBoy!!

    The Bible app is usually the first app I check on my phone. However, it is interesting if I can check it from my laptop. This means I do not need to check my phone and can just check my laptop. This is a great application and it can be downloaded from the Amazon application store.    

Who Is TechisodeTV: Interview with Techisode TV

    TheTechBoy interviews TechisodeTv. He is a tech YouTuber who goes really in-depth in tech. This interview is a deep dive into all things Techisode. 

    TheTechBoy talks about the new iPad that that released. The post has an embedded live stream that you can go view by clicking on the link.  

An black iPad showing the screen with a white Apple Pencil next to it.

Tech Talk To You Later!!

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