The Headphones I Hate to Hate Sony WI-C310: Great Features One Flaw

The Headphones I Hate to Hate Sony WI-C310: Great Features One Flaw

Hello, this is TheTechBoy with a review of the Sony WI-C310. 

    I like these features. They are my first Bluetooth headphones and I like the battery life, USB-C connection, and battery life. But what is the fatal flaw of the device? It is unfortunately the design. When I am active the way the headphones are designed caused the headphones to flail around, and fall out of my ears. However, this pitfall gives it the advantages I appreciate such as the long battery life. The device has a couple sound files saved on the device. The files tell you when it is in pairing mode, and when it is near certain percentages (and about to die). Just like the Vont Headset the percentages are not completely accurate.  

Blue earphones with sony on them.
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    Because of the cabled design, there is an entire battery hanging off of it. This allows Sony to advertise 15hr battery life. The battery life is really good. I used it for a couple of days without charging, and when you do need to charge, it uses a USB-C connection. This allows you to use the same cable used to charge many phones to charge the headphones. Unfortunately, unlike the Vont Headset, you cannot charge and listen to audio simultaneously. However, unlike the Sony Xperia IV, the headphones come included with a 5-watt USB-A charger. On the bump where the charging takes place, there are three buttons that turn the volume up/down, pause, and pause. These same buttons seem to let you skip tracks. 

    Paring the phone requires you to hold the power button until the voice says Bluetooth pairing mode. 
    The WI-C310s have 8 mm drivers in each earbud. If you get to sit down and listen, I would say these headphones are amazing. I would say that the base in the headphones is great, but the highs are not as good according to a test I did. I also listened to a MrWhoseTheBoss video, and I heard the background music, sound effects, and his voice well. There is a bit of lag when pairing, and the way they recommend wearing it can kind of hurt my head. This can also happen if you wear them too long. The mic quality will be linked in a second review.    

    In conclusion, these headphones, are good and I would say if you can deal with the fact that you cant use these while being active, and if they do not hurt your head. The battery life is great, the headphones are pretty durable, and it has the advantage of USB-C charging and no charging case. I got them on sale, but they are now 38 dollars on Amazon. At this price point, you may want to find something else. I do not know. Let me know in the comments!!  

God Bless and Tech Talk To You Later!!!   

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