This Week In TheTechBoy + Podcast Episode 16

This Week In TheTechBoy + Podcast Episode 16

Hello, this is TheTechBoy with a This Week In TheTechBoy. 

YouTube Tech Rewind

TheTechBoy did a tech rewind with some of the best tech YouTube channels. It is linked here. 

S22 Plus First Impression

       Overview: The haptics of the S22 plus are more subtle and refined than my A71 5G. The bezels are slimmer, and it has quality-of-life improvements such as wireless charging four years of OS upgrades, and five years of security patches. This means the phone should last me until Android 16 which should arrive in 2025. The cameras seem decent. There is a three-times telephoto zoom and portrait, pro, and 8K video modes. Update: The front camera is not that good. Samsung Dex is also on here. I briefly tested it on a PC and a TV, it was a bit laggy but a proper monitor should do better. I will not discuss the battery life here because as TechOdyssey says, the phone has to learn usage patterns.  

How do Some Websites Make Comparison Images with Sliders Side by Side?

       Hello, this is TheTechBoy with a particular tutorial. Have you ever been reading a technology review, and seen a camera comparison and there was an image slider on the site? Some websites do that by using a website called JuxtaposeJS. A great feature of this website is that it is easy to use, and does not require an account. 


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