Hohem iSteady X Gimbal Will not Connect to Phone

Hohem iSteady X Gimbal Will not Connect to Phone

Hello, this is TheTechBoy with a particular tutorial.

    I recently bought a Hohem iSteady X Gimbal and tried to connect it to my phone. The device would not stay connected to my phone, and I was so frustrated.  

What is a Gimbal:  A gimbal is a camera stabilizer. The one I bought was for my S22 Plus. It would use the cameras on the back of the phone instead of an action camera, or a professional video /DSLR/mirrorless camera. Gimbals are used for smooth recording and unique artistic shots.

The Gimbal holding the Nokia 3310 3G
I know it is a Nokia 


 What I Tried: 
    I tried turning Bluetooth on and off, restarting my phone, and pushing what looked like the reset button on the side of the device. I also reinstalled the application several times and plugged the gimbal back in to charge it. I was so frustrated. Then I figured out the solution.

Solution: The gimbal is attempting to balance the phone with the motors. So the solution is to make the Gimbal holder hold the phone pretty balanced.  On my 6.6-inch S22 Plus, the place where the phone stabilized was near the power button. On a smaller phone, it may be someone else. I also took off the case, but it may work in the same area as the case.     

God Bless and Tech Talk To You Later!!

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