Five Features of One Ui I like: Number 1 Android 13/One Ui Password

Five Features of One Ui I like: Number 1 Android 13/One Ui Password

Hello, this is TheTechBoy with a special article.

Passwords: I recently updated my Samsung S22 Plus to Android 13. I recently discovered that the phone supported a multidigit password that is longer than sixteen digits. This is great because it seems like it also seems like that it also carries over to Samsung Secure Folder.

Samsung Expert Raw: Samsung includes an Astrophotography mode in the Expert Raw application. You can enable this by clicking the star icon in the Samsung Expert Raw Application.  This mode would allow you to take photos of the stars and constellations of the night sky. 

The Samsung Screen showing Astrophoto 4 mins screen.

Extract Text: By holding down an image that has text in it and if the phone detects the text in the image, you can extract it offline, copy and paste it, and it can also run some apps based on the text that is in the image. It can also extract images from screenshots.  

The text icon showing the that you can extract text. It is an icon.

RAM: When going into the application switcher, you can see how many applications are running in the background and stop them. This is useful to see what is running for hours on your phone.

Emergency SOS: You can now select an actual emergency number, and you can push the power button five times instead of four to signal for help. You can also have an alarm sound turned on before it contacts your emergency contacts. 

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