5 Things I want to see in the S23 Plus.

5 Things I want to see in the S23 Plus.

Hello, this is TheTechBoy with what I want to see in the S23 Plus.  I wrote an S22 Plus Review here. 


    Samsung put a 1080p display in the S22. This is okay until you compare it to the OnePlus 7 Pro and the LG V40 phones -- both launched in 2019. Those phones have 1440p displays, and when I tested them against the S22 Plus they looked brighter. Also, reintroduce the screen settings menu to the S22 plus. Also please add support for an SPen digitizer.  

Screen Red Green Blue settings.
Yes I know this is from the A71 5G


    The battery life on the S22 Plus is ok. It could be better. Just put a 5,0000 mAh cell in it, and a more efficient chip in the phone, and the battery life should be better. I want to see 7 hours of screen on time. 


    Bring back the MicroSD card slot.  If you don't want to do that, make the base storage model at least 256 GB of storage. No 128 GB of storage, this I not good enough anymore, especially for users shooting in RAW on their phones.    



    Make your 50 Megapixel mode better, and make the camera application load faster. Reduce the amount of shutter lag, and add a 4k 120 FPS mode. I would also like to see a custom Samsung editing application that could rival desktop Photoshop.  

Animation Engine:

    OnePlus is doing good animations, and it makes my 7 Pro feel good and fast even in 2022. The S22 Plus animations feel slow and laggy and make the overall experience bad. Overhaul the animations and make the phone feel faster and snappier in general.  


    Include 12 GB of RAM. This would future-proof the devices for Android updates and would make the device great for power users. This would be good for future uses such as CAD, VM, and 3d scanning applications.  

Green Sticks of ram. The top of the stick has black sections with silver in between.

Thanks for reading, Merry CHRISTmas, and Tech Talk To You Later!!! 



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