What Is TheTechBoy

What Is TheTechBoy

Hello, this is TheTechBoy with an overview of what TheTechBoy is and what we represent. 

The yellow and black TheTechBoy logo.

    TheTechBoy was founded in July of 2020 because I wanted a phone and devices and gadgets to test. One of the recommended ways to do that was by starting a blog.  TheTechBoy quickly grew and with not that many devices to test (other than my A71 5G) we did tutorial articles and news articles such as

What is Windows 11


The Z Flip Article 

    Throughout this TheTechBoy stayed true to its Christian roots, by offering a salvation message if you went to an error page on TheTechBoy. Also, we have a Verse of the Day page. Test this by visiting this link. thetechboy.org/g. However, the This Week In TheTechBoy podcast had not started yet. 

Cosmo Communicator Review 

    In the spring of 2022 TheTechBoy got its first device to test. The Cosmo communicator. I tested that device so well that it had over 3,000 words on the device. Later into 2022 TheTechBoy then proceed to publish articles about the day in the Life of a Tech Blogger, and our most-read article of all time Samsung M8 vs M7. We also got more devices to test after this.  

    Then after seeing a reviewer named MacTechReviews I decided to make my podcast into videos and do a face reveal. During this period of time, was the time we transitioned into a more Christian showing on TheTechBoy. Recently I launched TheTechBoy Media with MaestroMoYT!!!

    So what is TheTechBoy? TheTechBoy is a Houston-based tech review and news blog/YouTube channel, that sticks to Christian values and is run by a teenager. This means the blog will always be honest and family-friendly. This also makes it the larges Christian teen-run blog in all of Houston TX!!!

God Bless and Tech Talk To You Later!!!

Merry Christmas

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