How to See CPU and GPU Performance on Android 13: No App

How to See CPU and GPU Performance on Android 13: No App

Hello, this is TheTechBoy with a unique article. 

    I was playing around on with the Developer settings of my S22 Plus, and I found this method. First, you have to enable developer mode.  

How to Enable Developer Mode:

    Open your settings application,  then scroll down to About Phone. Then click Software Information. Then tab the build number seven times. It will make you put in your phone's password. After putting it in, go back and you will see a new option called Developer Options.

The Android Developer Options Screen

See the CPU and GPU Usage:

    Scroll down, then click GPUWatch. Enable it by clicking the toggle. It will show the FPS, Load, and some of the information. You can add some more actions by clicking the plus icon. Then you can show the widget over the screen.  Your notification shade will allow you to hide or turn off the widget.

The graph showing 70% CPU and 0.1% GPU usage.

That is all. Does this work on all Androids? Or just Samsung?  God Bless and Tech Talk To You Later!!


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