Three Secure Folder Bugs In One Ui 5

Hello, this is TheTechBoy with a list of Secure Folder bugs in One Ui 5.

Image showing some Smasung applications including Secure Folder.

Secure Folder PIP: Samsung secure folder is where I have my business Gmail account and watch youtube. In Android 12 and the One Ui 4 series, I was able to watch YouTube in the Pictued is Picture window, while using other applications in Secure Folder and also inside the normal phone. Now I have to watch YouTube videos in pop-up mode.

Secure Folder Passwords: Now to be fair, this was a bug in One Ui 4, but if I unlock my phone, sometimes Secure Folder says that I have to input my password when I can just use my fingerprint to log in. This can be circumvented by going home and opening Secure Folder again, but it is still annoying. Also with Secure Folder "lock when I exit an app" mode when I try to open Zoho mail with (app lock turned on) from a notification, the application closes and I have to go into Secure Folder unlock it and open Zoho Mail again. 

A black smartphone on a yellow background showing a purple screen with a white lock icon.

Secure Folder Samsung Email: I like Samsung's email client to manage Gmail. It allows me to manually sync emails to save battery, and it gives me the rush to check email. It is clean and easy to check emails. So imagine my surprise when the application would not allow emails would not let me refresh manually or come in automatically. I uninstalled and reinstalled it, and none of it worked so I had to switch clients. 😩

Thanks for reading, God Bless, and Tech Talk To You Later!!

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