Notthebee Social Review

Notthebee Social Review

Hello, this is TheTechBoy with a review of's Christian social media site. 

Edited: Added information about groups and changed some grammar Dec 24: 2022 Dec 26 2022: Added info about mobile loading.

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    Notthebee requires you to create an account to comment on their posts and to get access to the Social platform. I created an account to promote my business TheTechBoy. Creating an account is easy - just click the Join button. There are two plans, a Free thirty-day trial plan, and 7 dollars and fifty cents USD. (Monthly) The paid plan allows you to post images and videos. 
Buttons that say Join and Login


    I used the free plan until someone gave me a Guest account. This allowed me to stay on for longer and gave me the ability to post images and videos. The site sends you email notifications every hour that tells you if people replied/reacted to comments or social posts. There is also a bell on the side of the web interface that shows you your notifications. Posting comments under articles is easy, and users can react to the comments with different icons. People can also reply to your comments. Paid and guest accounts also have the ability to edit comments and social posts. 

The Notthebee What's on your Mind (creating a post) image. The tabs underneath say All Posts, Following, Trending, Groups, and New Users.

    Your account can be hidden from free users, and you can edit your profile as much as you like. You can set a profile picture and a biography. If you do not set a biography, Notthebee will make one for you that tells other users how long you have been on the site and it will say you have strong opinions about Pineapple on Pizza. This has become an inside joke with some users answering the pineapple on pizza question on their bio.  

    On the social side of the website, you can follow people and at people. People you follow will show up in your feed. You can comment on social posts and GIF's do not load unless you click a button. This can be changed by a setting. There are groups you can join to discuss with people who have like-minded ideas. Groups can be set to public or private depending on the administrator. There is no Direct Message function though. The site could load better on mobile, with the ability to see earlier web articles hampered by the phones screen size. 

    The community is pretty welcoming and nice. They regularly respond to my comments and questions, and some of my YouTube traffic has come from Notthebee. Thanks Guys!!


    If you read Notthebee or want a good Christian Social media platform, and have eight dollars to spare. I would recommend it. Also, reading the comments on Notthebee is fun. Would this replace Facebook or other larger social platforms? Maybe, the community is active enough and the site functions well. I am not into social media (just use it for business). However, I wanted to advertise there and read the comments on the site so I am there as well. 

God Bless, Merry Christmas, and Tech Talk To You Later!!   

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  1. You might want to check the group The Firdt Times for the history of pineapple on pizza, and you didn't mention that there are groups both public and private that you can join for sharing everything from recipes to memes to favorite authors and theologians.

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