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Hello, this is TheTechBoy with This Week In TheTechBoy 

    TheTechBoy Talks about what makes TheTechBoy special. Hello, this is TheTechBoy with an overview of what TheTechBoy is and what we represent.

I want to see a Micro SD card slot? What else do I want to see? Samsung put a 1080p display in the S22. This is okay until you compare it to the OnePlus 7 Pro and the LG V40 phones -- both launched in 2019. Those phones have 1440p displays, and when I tested them against the S22 Plus they looked brighter. Also, reintroduce the screen settings menu to the S22 plus. Also please add support for an SPen digitizer. 

    This seemed like a nice browser. Is it good enough for your needs?  The browser looks at the web as a set of applications. On startup, you can set up some applications such as Instagram, Figma, the Google suite of applications, and Notion. They also claim it is faster than Chrome and is 'privacy-friendly.' Your applications are docked to the left side of your screen, and there is a toggle that can turn it off. 

    Notthebee social review. Is it the best Christian social media site? Hello, this is TheTechBoy with a review of's Christian social media site.

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