Four Things I Like About The S22

Four Things I Like About The S22

Hello, this is TheTechBoy with a Four Things I Like About The S22


    I like the screen of the S22 Plus. I usually kept my old phone on dim, but with my S22 Plus I have been using it more outside. It is nice and bright, and only at the highest brightness settings do blacks start to look gray. The 1,700-nit brightness screen can easily beat direct sunlight. The phone also has a 120 hz screen and I may or may not notice it, but it is a nice addition.  
A pink S22 Plus
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    I keep my phne in a case but befre the phone case arrived, it was kicked by a ball and fell on the wodden floor. The phone did not break. The glass did not crack. It was amazing. The phone does scratch easily but the phone is very durable and tough.   


    I do not take that many photos but having a telephoto and the portrait feature on video mode is amazing. I used the glitch mode on my Nokia 3310 3G 2017 video and telephoto just makes the zoom great. The phone even has 30 times zoom and the post-processing of the zoom photos are nice.

Processing Power:

    The phone is good at editing and rendering a 4K video in LumaFusion. It even has a full power mode and when I edited a video it took one second less in a less than two-minute render. This means that in larger projects the phone's 'speed' mode will make it faster.  

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