4 Things I Hate ABout The S22 Plus

4 Things I Hate ABout The S22 Plus

Hello, this is TheTechBoy with a report on the S22 Plus.

What I Want On the S23

Shutter Lag

    The shutter lag of the S22 Plus needs to be fixed. It is slow and can cause you to miss important moments. The camera application is also slow to open sometimes and it needs to be faster. Get Better Samsung!!!

A black camera lens

Battery Size and Optimization

    The 4,500 mAh battery should be a good size or the S22 Plus, but due to the Snapdragon processor in the phone, it honestly gets ok battery life. The S23 series should get better battery life because it has a more efficient chip and bigger batteries, so that is something I am excited about.    

No MicroSD Card Slot

    A MicroSD card slot would be a nice addition. The phone has 128 GB of storage but a Micro SD card slot would make the phone more versatile and would let you expand storage cheaply.

No Headphone Jack

    This phone could use a headphone jack. This would allow me to add wired headphones to it and listen to YouTube videos with the wired headphones I cover around.

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  1. The microSD card slot would be a thoughtful addition, the only issue is that with the frequent use of mobile storage, the only issue is that when working with higher and higher volumes of data storage, the card is less and less reliable. The reasons cameras use SDs and mobiles use built-in SSDs is because while cameras could do with the cheap, versatile storage, phones need a much more reliable and durable means of storage. I hope this info helps!

    1. Yes but users should have the choice to use the card. Thanks for the comment.

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