Why I am Excited About the S23

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I am excited about the S23 series. The S24 series should be great, and there are better Chinese phones out but I am a Samsung fan and the phones should fix a major S22 issue -- battery life.

Burgundy S22 Ultra showing cameras and S Pen

    The S23 series is rumored to come with 200 mAh larger batteries in the plus and regular models and have a more power-efficient chip. This means that the phones should last longer than the S22 series. If Samsung makes battery life an important talking point in the presentation (Wednesday, Feb 1 live here), I will be more excited. My S22 Plus has ok battery life and this should fix it.

What are your thoughts on these S23? Tell me in the comments. 

God bless and Tech Talk To You Later!!

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  1. Thanks for the information. That is a nice looking phone. Battery life is very important. Great job!

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