Samsung Unpacked Live

Samsung Unpacked Live

Hello, this is TheTechBoy with Samsung Unpacked

12:02 It is starting. I just saw the S22 Ultra!!!

12:03 They just showed old S flagships.  

12:04 Please add windows on dex. 

12:05 Will the phone more durable 

12:07 I like my s22 bump.

12:07 It looks like an iPhone

12:08 My S22 is now an old phone

12:08 They did the old filmed with Ultra Trick

12:09 Was this edited on Ultra?

12:10 Wait did they put a lens cover on the phone. 

12:12 More Camera Mumbo jumbo

12:13 Finally 4k super steady

12:14 Faster autofocus nice

12:15 No shutter lag, please

12:16 Finally they show their features  

12:17 Thanks for showing expert RAW!!!

12:18 Is this a rebroadcast from last year?

12:23 Ohh an AI camera!! Wow so 20...18 

12:24 Nice a better portrait mode. 

12:27 Showing off quick share

12:29 FAster CPU and GPU

12:31 I don't game so how is this uesful 

12:35 Samsung made a laptop Ultra. It looks like a Mac. I almost wrote Apple

12:36 I need a laptop with a good backspace key.

12:40 The laptop has Spen support

12:42 This event is basically showing the features of the S22

12:46 showing off the personalization features

12:48 Nice looking phone

12:49 Im not buying a new phone because it is more recycled.

12:53 Does this guy have a Pixel?

1:00 It is over Come Back for updates. 

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