S23 First Impressions

Hello, this is TheTechBoy with a Galaxy S23 Plus's first impressions.

Green Galaxy S22 Ultra showing cameras and SPen
Galaxy S23 Ultra: Source Samsung.com  


    The cameras look improved with some new AI features and the Ultra has a new 200 Megapixel camera. There is a new portrait mode but wait for camera comparisons. MKBHD says there is still shutter lag, most of the features they showed off will be updates to Good Lock modules, and Expert Raw is already available on devices. I am glad that there is 4K super steady though, and 8k 30 may be nice.  


    The new chip looks interesting. It is faster and it has a better GPU blah blah blah. Look the phone will be faster, but until new applications are made to utilize it (other than games) the power is useless. The new camera features do use the chip but do they really require the chip? Time will tell. 


    The screen of the S23 and S23 plus are only 1080p which is sad.  But thankfully the S23 Ultra has a WQHD screen slightly curved screen with S Pen support. All the screens can now get to 1,750 nits and have adaptive refresh rates. (48 to 120 HZ on the S23 and S23 Plus, 1 to 120 HZ on the Ultra)

            You can read my opinion on the batteries (pre-launch) in the next post

In all Samsung released a S22s. It is basically the same phone with slightly better batteries, faster storage according to MrWhoseTheBoss, and better chips. Unfortunately, there is no headphone jack or MicroSD card slot. Same thing but a nice incremental upgrade.

Tech Talk To You Later!!     

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