The S23 Will Be The Best Small Phone Of The Year

The S23 Will Be The Best Small Phone Of The Year

Hello, this is TheTechBoy with a special article. 

    I like big phones. They are good for productivity and you can see more. They usually have the best battery life and have more features.  However, I know I have some small phone fans and this is why I think the S23 will be the best small phone.

Yellowish White Samsung Galaxy S23 and Purple S23 Plus showing flowers on the back.
Samsung S23 and S23 Plus Source 


    The battery of the S23 has been improved. It is now a 3,900 mAh battery with a more power-efficient chip. This will give it better battery life than the S22 and I think the S23 will have all-day battery life.  This was a pain point of the S22 and why the Asus Zenphone was probably a better phone.


    The software (One Ui) is in my opinion one of the best skins for Android. The phone will also get four timely software updates. This will most likely be more than the Asus Zenfone and it means you can use the phone longer and get new features for four years.


    The S23 has a telephoto camera unlike the Pixel 7 and the Asus Zenfone. This means that the S23 will be able to zoom into scenes optically and will have better cleaner zoom. The phone can also record 8k 30 FPS. 

Eco-Friendly Materials:

    The phone is great for not having a charger in the bix and being made out of recycled fishnets and bottles. So fun so eco-centric add I DO NOT CARE. PUT A CHARGER IN THE BOX. I PAID 800 DOLLARS FOR IT!!! (heavy panting)

Bye for all and Tech Talk to You later!!

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