One Plus 11 Launch

One Plus 11 Launch

Hello, this is TheTechBoy with the One Plus 11 Launch and live blog.

8:02 It is starting

8:08 Ecosystem

8:08 The oneplus pad!!!

8:17 The phone is being shown off.

8:19 Wow 16 GB of RAM

8:21 AI Ram wow

8:22 Wow fast fluid software 

8:24 Fast WiFi

8:25 Oneplus has updates as good as Samsung

8:28 Who is the competitor?

8:36 Great AV features

8:45 OnePLus Pad looks like a flagship

8:51 Wow good battery 

8:59 Busd 2 have spatial audio

9:04 Ohh a keyboard 

Oneplus 11 5G is only 699!!

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