I started a YouTube Shorts Experiment. Come Back For Updates.

I started a YouTube Shorts Experiment. Come Back For Updates.

Hello, this is TheTechBoy with a special YouTube Shorts experiment. I will end it in three days. I will come back with updates. Updated stat 73 to 2

Update the experiment is over. (The original post that I did on the 13 was accidentally deleted) 

    I learned that iPhone videos do a lot better than LG videos. I was shocked because the iPhone 4 is old while the LG V40 is still a usable flagship. However, my theory is that the iPhone 4 is a retro beloved iPhone and LG exited the phone business so that is the reason the LG did so badly. Also, I checked the Google search data, and the iPhone 4 still beats the LG V40 search results, 73 to 2. 

Results:  On the first day, the iPhone video was destroying the LG video 50 to 2. When I woke up and checked the stats on the next day the iPhone video was destroying the LG videos worse than Georgia did to TCU in the College Football Playoff. The score was 1.2K to 3. Finally, because things could not get worse for LG it finally mellow out at 1.2K to 435. Also, the like count is ten times higher than the LG now. 

Video showing the LG V40 and the iPhone 4. The text shows the phones name and the text "Jesus Saves"

    So what does this mean for TheTechBoy It means that I will post more iPhone shorts and more Android shorts. It does show why iPhones get so much coverage though. This is just the first experiment. Stay tuned.    

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