Why the Wii Should Come Back

Why the Wii Should Come Back

Hello, this is TheTechBoy with a special article

    The Wii was one of Nintendos best selling consoles. Our family has one and I have played it a bit even though I do not game.

Black Nintendo Wii showing the front panel

     It had some interesting accessories such as a steering wheel for the remote control (useful in Mario Kart and Hot Wheel racing). I also learned from a MrWhoseTheBoss video that there is also a bowling ball controller for Wii Sports.

    The Wii console used motion-based controllers to get the gaming experience. The system was also marketed to families and it truly allowed the entire family to experience gaming as a pastime. The system also had some exercise games that utilized the system's motion controls that tracked a person's exercise.  

So if the Wii came out in 2023 What Would I Want?

    Better Graphics 

    The Wii did not have very good graphics. It looks dated compared to the PS5 nowadays (I know it is a later console) and updated graphics could do it some good. 

    The Wii could use more controls that would appeal to more 'traditional' gamers. The Wii had motion-based controllers which makes playing games such as Madden look a bit tricky. A more traditional controller would make games of that nature easier to play.  

A white game controller from Google Stadia.
Yep this is a Google Stadia Controler 

    More Accurate Controls

    The motion-based controls of the  Wii made navigating the UI complicated. Better controls would make navigating the system better.  

    More Power 

    More power would cause the system to be able to play more graphically intense games and more popular titles. If it could play more popular titles it would be a proper stand-alone console, unlike a hybrid like the Switch. In fact, the Switch could be used as a controller like the Wii U.  

    What do you think Nintendo should do? Should they bring the Wii back? Tell me what you think. God Bless and Tech Talk To You Later!! 

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  1. Yes! I’d love an updated Wii console. Our family still uses ours from time to time.

    1. Thanks for the comment and reading the site. God Bless

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