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Retvis RT34 Video Walkie Talkies: Spy Kids?

     Hello, this is TheTechBoy with a review of the Retevis RT34 . These walkie-talkies were sent to me by Retivis to do a review of them.  Pros: Interesting Design Front Facing Camera  Cons:           Short Range Limited Security  No VOX Design/Specs:     These walkie-talkies have some interesting specifications. There is a VGA camera on the front for video chatting and a 2.0-inch LCD display. The front also features the speakers and the microphone hole. Retevis sent two green and orange walkie-talkies molded in the shape of robots. . On the left side of the walkie-talkie, there is the flashlight button and the Push To Talk Button. On the bottom there is the flashlight. On the right, there is the charging port and reset button covered by a movable robotic arm. This arm can be unscrewed in exactly 8 twists. Do not screw it too tightly, or the arm will break.  Support TheTechBoy by buying the RT34  here .      The walkie-talkies arrived with a Micro USB Charger that splits so you may ch

Why Phones Should Come With 4K 120 FPS

    Hello, this is TheTechBoy with why 4K 120 FPS is important on phones. Phones like the S22 series and the iPhone 14 series cannot record in 4K 120. The OnePlus phones and the some other BBK phones, some ZTE phones, as well as the Sony Xperia IV can recored in this mode. My S22 Plus can record 1080p 120 FPS though. 

     With phones sporting 8k 24 FPS and 8k 30 FPS modes, I'm may assume that this is the very best thing to happen in mobile video. However, unless you have an 8k TV to enjoy the content on the video is mostly a marketing gimmick/future proofing. 4k 120 FPS is great for three reasons


    4K (UHD) video shot under the same conditions as a 1080p (HD) video from the same phone should look better than the 1080p stream. 4K televisions are also prolific enough that when blown up you can appreciate the difference in quality. 


   4K televisions are prolific these days. Phones theese days can also have the computational power to record 4K footage. Most phones also have the storage space to record plenty of footage.

What Can You Do With The Footage:

     4K 120 FPS is not great just because you get smooth crisp video but because you can slow it down. If you open up a video editing app like Luma Fusion and slow the clip down 1/8th of a time you get great slow motion footage that is not junky, dim, and dark like most slow motion modes on phones. This is because you recorded at a high frame rate. The extra frame rate means there is more image data to work with. This should lead to epic, crisp 4K, slowmotion clips. So come on Samsung add 4K 120 to your phones!!

God Bless and Tech Talk To You Later!!