Google Lens Tips

Google Lens Tips


Google Lens is a useful application built into the Google app, the Chrome app, and the Chrome browser. I have a helpful tutorial on how to use it here, but I will give a few tips.


    If you are on Amdroid it is baked into the search bar of the device. It is the little camera icon in the Google application.  You can search for things with the camera, scan a QR code, and find things on Google shopping. 

By clicking the translate button you can translate text with a downloaded language. Clicking the text icon lets you copy, search and paste text. On Chrome mobile, you can do the same thing. Just find the camera icon in the Chrome search bar.


    On desktop right-click an image and click the popup that says 'Search Image WIth Google' This will do a reverse search online, and will find images similar. You can use the little box that pops up to crop in the part of the image you want.  You can also copy and paste text in this mode. 
The Right click menu of chrome.

An image showing the galaxy Z flip from Samsung being searched for on Google Lens.

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